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Upcoming Important Dates

8/26- Fall Play writers meeting- 2:30-3:30
8/27- Fall Play Audition Meeting - 2:30 -3:30
8/31-9/1- Fall Play Auditions- TBD
11/5-8- Fall Play - TBD
1/15- Norwin's Got Talent- TBD
3/17-20- White Christmas - TBD
5/4 - Night of the Stars - TBD

Theatre Company Calendar including Fundraiser Deadlines, PAG Meetings, Officer meetings, Show times, Rehearsal Schedules and much more!

The Norwin Theatre Company’s mission is to provide students with the opportunity to practice 21st Century Skills such as communication and creativity in a real-world setting. Through practice and performance, we will encourage students to celebrate their individual talents, build their self-confidence and inspire their dreams!

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